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Dennis Graham

At 65 years old, Dennis had intended to put his long writing career to rest but after moving to Tampa Bay two years ago, he realized that more people needed to learn about this great things this city has to offer. Through his writing, he has been able to build a loyal following of people who just like him, love Tampa Bay. Dennis’ work spans virtually every topic imaginable and with a genuine passion, his blogs and articles have become favorites. Although he dedicates a good amount of time producing high quality work, he also makes sure there is plenty of opportunity with his wife of 45 years, their six children, and all nine grandkids.

Samsung started shipping massive 15,360GB (15.36TB) SSD storage devices

Samsung has finally started shipping world’s largest Solid State Drive for consumers, its 15.36TB “PM1633a” SSD. The Korean company announced this digital storage drive at the Flash Memory Summit in California in August last year, with an unprecedented amount of storage. As many companies claim “world’s first” during their product launches, many experts and analysts hasn’t surprised and took this as ...

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US Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) Android Marshmallow update is rolling now

Motorola USA has started rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to its second-generation Moto G smartphones, which was pushed in India and Brazil in February 2016. Many users have confirmed that the software update is readily available in the menu (settings > about phone > software update). In the United States, many users have already confirmed about receiving the update notification on ...

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Toyota Motor Corp issued recalls of additional 331200 cars over Takata airbag issue

Toyota Motor Corp announced today that it is adding 331,200 more cars to the worldwide list of recalled vehicles involving potential Takata Corp’s airbag issues. With this addition, the total number of Toyota vehicles recalled over Takata airbag issue has been raised to 15,314,000 worldwide, including 3,156,000 in the United States. Earlier on Wednesday, Toyota Motor Cop revealed that its expanding the ...

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Forgotten fossilized bone help identify the fearsome dinosaur

Paleontologists have managed to identify the size of a once fearsome dinosaur – Abelisaurs – thanks to a once forgotten, the unidentified and partially preserved femur (fossilized bone) from the Kem Kem beds of Morocco that was lying in a cupboard of a museum. Researchers stated that Abelisaurs (Abelisauridae) lived on the Earth around 95 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period. ...

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Not Marshmallow, but OnePlus X receives a software update to resolve corrupt images in camera

The newly entered smartphone-maker OnePlus has started rolling out a minor software update (no, not Marshmallow one) to its recently launched OnePlus X smartphone, aiming at resolving the image corruption issue with its camera. The company has rolled out the much expected OxygenOS 2.2.0 update to its OnePlus X handset in January-end, but this new firmware update is just 9.5MB in size and ...

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Scientists develop energy efficient bio-supercomputer

Finding energy efficient ways for all human activities is a must need step towards serving the nature, and our scientists have been working on achieving success in their projects. Now, a team of scientists from Canada’s McGill University has developed a low power consuming biological supercomputer that can process like any other supercomputers, quickly and accurately using parallel networks. When compared to ...

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Cacti, desert beetle and pitcher plant inspires this new material to collect water from air

There are many organisms lives in such harsh environments where normal organisms can’s survive. Nature has given them their own strength and technique to live in such arid environments. Now, a few of such organisms have inspired scientists to create something extraordinary. Researchers from Harvard University have invented a new material that could pull water droplets out of thin air. ...

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Study shows memory loss more evident in obese individuals

People suffering from Obesity also suffer from greater memory loss compared to the normal weight individuals. A recent study shows that memory loss is more evident in obese individuals. In fact the study, points to a situation of episodic memory loss where the obese individuals find it difficult to remember instances or occurrences from their past. The test was conducted ...

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