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Dennis Graham

At 65 years old, Dennis had intended to put his long writing career to rest but after moving to Tampa Bay two years ago, he realized that more people needed to learn about this great things this city has to offer. Through his writing, he has been able to build a loyal following of people who just like him, love Tampa Bay. Dennis’ work spans virtually every topic imaginable and with a genuine passion, his blogs and articles have become favorites. Although he dedicates a good amount of time producing high quality work, he also makes sure there is plenty of opportunity with his wife of 45 years, their six children, and all nine grandkids.

Smart tattoos with circuit boards to replace fitness trackers?

Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart TVs and now Smart Tattoos. Yes, now Smart tattoos are all set to monitor your health. If you are one of those people who cannot bear wearing fitness trackers on your wrists, then this tech tattoos is the perfect choice. The company, Chaotic Moon has just initiated to get accustomed with the present health trackers like Fitbit, ...

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Amazon reveals Cyber Monday deals; Echo available for $149

Black Friday 2015 is round the corner and enthusiasts are keeping an eye on all hot deals available in the online market. Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) too launched a Cyber Monday shopping sale. Amazon is planning to record the flurry selling records on this Thanksgiving week sale this weekend. Amazon plans to throw the lip smacking discount for the dashing celebration ...

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Astronomer from Caltech discovers dead galaxy loaded with dark matter

An astronomer at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have discovered a ‘dead’ galaxy at the edge of the Milky Way with the highest concentration of dark matter. The small galaxy called Triangulum II has just 100 million stars, when compared to the 100 billion in our own galaxy. In a study published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, researchers said ...

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Parasitic worms to be used in infertility treatment?

Infections can help fight infertility. Stunned? Recently, the ‘Journal Science’ confirmed a research that parasite Ascaris lumbricoides might be an additional boon for women who are trying to be pregnant for quite some time. The discovery has been confirmed after the diagnosis 986 women, Indigenous Tsimane women in Bolivia who are prone to this infection (Helminth Infection) but have average ...

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2015 holiday season: Make sure you have these smartphone apps

Smartphone users opting to upgrade their Windows, iOS or Android devices this holiday season might be looking to install interesting apps in entertainment, gaming, productivity and other categories. Here is a list of must have apps this holiday season that can bring out the best features in a smartphone. Productivity and Fitness apps: Google’s creative lab has released an interesting ...

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Rectal thermometer proved better again than others in detecting fever

Measuring body temperature is among the preliminary diagnosis at any Physician’s clinic. People often tend to measure their body temperature, if they feel any slight increment in the body temperature, right at their home. But let me tell you that examining body temperature with the regular peripheral thermometer may not give the accurate idea as it can obliterate your health ...

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LG tries its best with Watch Urbane 2 LTE smartwatch

LG is out with a new and smart wearable this month and it is none other than its Watch Urbane 2 LTE. It is the first and only watch that can independently connect to the internet over the air using LTE. It just does not depend on your phone or Wi-Fi anymore because in a latest update from Google in ...

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Weight Loss: Belly Fat is Worst Than Overall Obesity

For all those sporting a beer belly or an apple shaped physique, there is a definite bad news. Scientists have revealed that belly fat is even more risky than overall obesity. The spare tires you carry on your stomach can really kill you in the long run. It is no secret that increased body fat makes you vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases ...

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