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Joseph Cortez

Having been born and raised in Tampa, Joseph takes a more personal approach when writing about city news. Although he covers all of the most important topics, he also provides readers with insight about some of the city’s lesser known ventures, whether it consists of information on restaurants, events, or local sites. Readers always know they can learn something new about Tampa Bay through Joseph’s blogs and articles. From a very early age, Joseph was interested in writing. Following in his father’s footsteps, who taught journalism at a top university, Joseph attended an elite college earning a degree in business and journalism. Today, he focuses on researching and perfecting work for his loyal readers but also spends quality time with his wife and two sons.

Apple secretly building it’s own Virtual Reality Set

Rumors have it that Apple Inc. has a secret team of its own who is currently working on a Virtual Reality set. This is undoubtedly a move that would give Apple Inc. the claim in the market that they once had. But the point of concern should be the competitors that it will have in this field. Apple Inc. will ...

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iPhone sale figures slump; is iPhone 7 in line?

What kind of expectations do you have from the iPhone with the slump in iPhone sale figures? Will it be a step ahead of what we have now, or will it be something that we have already seen the past few models. Well, to be true, I do not expect a lot from the next iPhone. There might just be ...

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Phishing Alert: Emails state that YouTube will ban you

A YouTube scam is out in the light wherein you might as well receive a mail stating that your account is due to be suspended. The mail will point out to a few violations that have occurred on your part, leading to a suspension of your YouTube or Google account. There have been reports of many individuals receiving such emails ...

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Say no to Killer Robot warriors before it is too late

If the human race wants to survive, then we must quickly shut down all our efforts put in towards killer robot. If we do not stop ourselves from creating artificially intelligent robotic warriors, we might just have a terminator on our hands just like in the movie Terminator. Quite a few individuals believe that killer robot with artificial intelligence should ...

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow, iOS 9: 3 common points

Various devices have been receiving updates for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The recent list of devices includes Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, etc. On the other hand, iOS 9 is available on most of the Apple devices. As it happens, both the Operating systems have some great features, while a few which can be taken into consideration ...

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Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to reach the US markets on March 11

A recent rumor suggests that Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposedly set to reach the United States Market this year’s March. The rumor started off after a tweet by EvLeaks, about the device. There have been many other rumors predicting the launch around about the same period. According to the tweet by EvLeaks, the possible release date is March 11. The ...

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