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Zaveeth Aslam F is an enthusiast, emerged into blogging, software development and technical writing. He loves to all aspects of Technology, Online Shopping, Gadgets and expert in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, etc.). Before joining our team, he worked with several organizations, and has a wide range of knowledge in field of Internet.He has a collection of gaming consoles from Gameboy to latest Xbox One. He writes news articles related to gaming, smartphones and other gadgets.

“Depression” Stills a Taboo

"Depression" Stills a Taboo

Depression is a mental illness, caused by different variation of the moods of peoples facing different problems of their life. It’s been a worldwide health issue which can knock at the door of World Health Organization also. Estimate of people living with depression is unacceptable. It affects all age people, you may not categorized it to any group of persons, ...

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Leveraging With Dedicated Server Web Hosting


Now that you have decided to design and develop your own website, you will have to decide on the kind of hosting that will best match your needs. You will come across so many hosting options available for you; you can have the shared hosting which is the most popular and cheapest option. The only downside is it is a ...

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Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone SE: The Battle of Siblings

Every time Apple(NASDAQ:AAPL) unveils an iPhone, the industry buzz and excitement of fans hit the ceiling! The rumor and industry buzz regarding the upcoming 7th incarnation of the iPhone is high. However, before launching the much anticipated model, Apple has launched a smaller variant of the iPhone, namely the iPhone Special Edition or SE. While the SE is in many ...

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Nexus Marlin vs Nexus Sailfish: All You Need to Know Right Now

This year’s Google Nexus device name has been taken after the types of fishes, Marlin and Sailfish respectively, which it tends to launch in the latter half of this year around September/October. This doesn’t mean the rumors have stopped churning internet.  Based on the latest leaks, we have narrowed down all the differences between Marlin and Sailfish that you need ...

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Next Nexus: Here is What One Should Know About Next Nexus Phone

Google’s next programme lies behind the idea of showcasing the purest form of Android in the next smartphone. No doubts, it has given rise to some competitive and greater devices in the past.  Now, most of the manufacturers are often fighting to be the king of the market by releasing the flagship killer device. So there is always a toe-to-toe. ...

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