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iOS 12: This is how children can bypass the time limit

iOS 12: This is how children can bypass the time limit

With iOS 12, Apple has introduced the feature “screen time”. Among other things, the new feature should enable parents to limit the time their smartphone is used by their children. But the control mechanism can apparently easily outsmart.

There are apparently several options, as 9to5Mac reports. The most obvious is to introduce the clock of the iOS device used before the lock starts. A seven-year-old, however, has found another way. This leads through the App Store, as the boy betrayed his father after a few days. The parent had not previously been able to explain why his offspring seemed to play more in spite of iOS 12 than before.

Children are often better off

In order to reuse an app temporarily blocked by the “screen time” feature, you have to uninstall it first. Then you simply download them again and then you can use them again without restrictions. Apparently, iOS 12 then treats the application like a completely new installed app, for which there is no limit yet.

Parents can prevent this trick by stopping the installation of apps. But then it also affects – sometimes security-related – updates for applications and games, so this solution is not really practical. To make matters worse, some kids seem to know at least as well about iOS 12 as their parents: The little ones are supposed to create passwords that prevent their parents from being able to curb the restrictions.

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