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Samsung Gear S3: Reset and Restart Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3: Reset and Restart Smartwatch

A smartwatch is not always running the way it should. This also applies to the Samsung Gear S3, whose system may not work properly, so that about the screen freezes. We’ll explain how to force your wearable to restart and how to erase all data and reset the gadget completely. That could also be interesting, for example, if you want to sell the smartwatch.

Restart via Tizen OS

For example, if your Gear S3 stops responding to input and the screen is frozen, the Tizen operating system is likely to hang. This is not bad at first. With a simple action you start the system again: Press and hold the power button for a short time, after about seven to eight seconds, the smartwatch turns off and restarts automatically.

Delete all data from Gear S3

If a restart does not solve your problem, you need to take further action. Your Samsung Gear S3 puts her relatively fast back to factory settings. Open the settings and navigate to “About the Gear”. There you select the item “Gear Reset”. As a precaution, your wearable informs you that this step deletes all data on the watch. Touch the hook to confirm the message and your smartwatch will reset.

Of course, a factory reset is also a safe option if you want to sell or give away your smartwatch. The new owner should not get access to your data. This is possible, as long as the gadget is not paired with a new smartphone and thus automatically reset. If there is any content on your wearable that you still need, you will first create a backup. Do not be surprised: If you put your watch back to the factory state, the first reboot will take a bit longer than usual.

Reset Samsung smartwatch with the keyboard shortcut

A factory reset can also be performed with a keyboard shortcut. Among other things, this can be particularly helpful if you are stuck in an update or the smartwatch permanently causes problems right after the start and the way into the menu is barely possible or even impossible.

First turn off your Samsung Gear S3 completely. Press and hold the power button. It briefly appears the logo of the smartwatch, which disappears quickly and promptly reappears. This time you will also see the info “Rebooting”. Only now you release the button and immediately press it three times in quick succession. You are now in “Reboot Mode”. Press the power button to click through the menu. Your goal is the point of “recovery”. Hold and press the button again and your wearable will be reset.

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