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10 Indoor Air Filtering Plants

10 Indoor Air Filtering Plants

Changing lifestyles of this generation missed the basic needs of daily life. It becomes impossible to breathe a whiff of fresh air in metros. The hectic schedule of rushing to work and back home can decrease the healthy order of our body. Most of the people are lives in a compact area of huge buildings all around them; no fresh air is present in their homes. Improved infrastructure can increase the pollution level of metros and decreases the natural sources.

To overcome with this problem and make your home eco friendly and fill of purified air you can place some plants in your home which can naturally purifies you’re inside air. They can filter the harmful acidic gases occur from electronic products and sensitive waves into purified air.

Here are some indoor plants which can help you in your homes or other workplace, you can place them easily in any corner and they will improve the air quality:

1 Boston Fern: It is a popular houseplants having frilly leaves and long hanging fronds. They are best in environments with humidity levels of at least 50 percent. Boston ferns are best on receiving indirect filtered sunlight.

2 Bamboo Palm: Bamboo palm is best for filtering benzenes and trichloroethylene. It produces flowers and small berries.

3 Flamingo Lilies: It’s an evergreen flowering plant, which will flower in normal condition and thrive in low light.

4 Chinese Evergreen: Chinese evergreen comes in many varieties, one of the popular household plants with easy care.

5 Weeping Figs: It’s also most popular indoor tree, which covered with glossy, pointed leaves. They can place in bright, indirect light.

6 English Ivy: These are superb climber plant; it can substantially reduce the amount of mold in the air of your home.

7 Peace Lilies: They are easy to grow plant, which grows up to 16 inches, also having beautiful white flowers.

8 Snake Plants: They are best for filtering out formaldehyde, snake plant thrives with low light and steamy humid conditions while helping filter out air pollutants.

9 Philodendron: They can grow in low light, common houseplant and easy to care.

10 Golden Pothos: Also known as hunter’s robe, ivy arum, silver vine, taro vine and most commonly known as money plant. Golden pothos have heart shaped leaves, it often plant for wealth and prosperity.

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