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10 Points about Amazon’s Chime App

10 Points about Amazon’s Chime App

Amazon launches a new app Chime for better communication for business persons, featuring basic tools that help in hassle free online meetings and chat. It includes screen sharing and having 30 GB of storage. Amazon meets up with Microsoft’s Skype for business and also with Cisco’s WebEx services.

Here are some specifications about Amazon’s Chime:

1 Amazon’s Chime is a new video conferencing app especially for online meetings.

2 Amazon’s Chime is relevant for video and chat communication services.

3 It’s a cloud based app which gives visual of all attendees.

4 Amazon’ Chime has a rooster, it also take AWS into the space of virtual meeting management.

5 It is available on windows, Mac OS, IOS and android also.

6 Chime is featured with active directory integration. It synchronized desktop apps, chats and meetings.

7 Its have instant messanger, or you can join meetings with a single tab having no pin required.

8 Amazon’s Chime basic version includes video call for up to two people, and starts around $2.10 per user.

9 Amazon’s Chime plus version includes screen sharing and also access corporate directories.

10 Amazon’s Chime pro version includes video meetings for up to 100 peoples.

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