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10 Things to Improve Mental Health Problem

10 Things to Improve Mental Health Problem

Today’s world of high technology, everyone bound themselves in smart phones, gadgets , they are busy in clicking selfie all the time ,updating profiles and status matters a lot for ones. Being online for hours and hours become major problem which causes many physical and mental problems. More often it causes mental problem rather than physical.

Be a part of present life it is impossible to get off with smart phones and online fever, it’s better to take another option to have both socially connected and take care of our self and improve mental health by taking following easy steps in your daily routine

1 Effective Sleep: Sleep is extinct from most of the people just because of the changing schedule of being connected. It is necessary to take few hours’ effective sleep which gives rest to your mind.

2 Keep Laughing: Laughing itself a great therapy to overcome stress.

3 Doing Exercise: A physical fit body has healthy brain, to boost up your brain it is necessary to do exercise.

4 Friends Forever: Friends are the angels of our life, share your feelings with your friends can reduce your depression, hang out with your friends can change your mood and you feel good inside.

5 Family Connection: Spend some time with your parents, share your needs and problem you faces with them can improve your parental connection and you feel relief and happy.

6 Listening Music: A recent study said that listening music is a better way to overcome with daily life problems, music helps to remain calm and silent and give rest to your mind.

7 Pursuing Hobby: Everyone’s has its own interest choose your thing you want to do whatever it is playing, dancing, swimming gardening panting, give some time your hoppy it will help to improve your inner scale.

8 Spent Some Time Offline:  Try to keep yourself offline for hours, its difficult but it will give you a mental break.

9 Have Good Food : sometimes having your favorite food can give a smile on your face, eat some delicious food  you like the most it charge your mind ,if you feel happy your brain too feel happy lesser you face mental problem.

10 Change Bad Habits: Try to overcome with your bad habits like alcohol,  smoke and drugs .

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