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Epic Games released stunning trailers of Paragon, a MOBA game

The world of MOBA is getting big as a trailer was released by Epic for the new game Paragon, which features some stunning visuals and action-packed trailers. During the PlayStation Experience 2015 conference that Sony held, the audience got a chance of having a look at their new launch.paragon-game-trailer

The announcement of Paragon was made in the month of November and a short taste was given to gamers as to what experience one can get while playing. However, there was a confusion that  surrounds the overuse of word ‘MOBA’ by the developer. People already made speculations of what Epic Games were being prepared for them.

When one thinks of Epic Games, the most likely thing that would come to mind is ‘Unreal Tournament’ or ‘Gears of War’ franchise. However, when the world MOBA is mentioned many gamers tend to imagine several titles such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, both of which are popular in the community of gaming. In fact, they both would have a big audience as well as professional players that would range to millions of dollars.

The cinematic trailer was shown by Epic Games which was definitely looking an Epic one. Stealth, force, teamwork, technology, magic and blasts were a part of it. After the show, it was assumed that the polished side of this game was shown by this cinematic trailer. It was revealed that in-game engine is used in the making of this trailer. This means that the actual games’ visuals aren’t much different as compared to what was seen in the ‘movie version’.

Epic Games and the clarifications state that Paragon is like a traditional MOBA. It would have a 5 vs. 5 arena, towers, a jungle map with 3 lanes and minions. A character can be chosen as a ‘hero’ and each character has different abilities. This would definitely add a lot of variety in the gameplay, depending on the combinations and strategy. There would be decks and cards in Epic games that would be helping the players to add a twist to the game. Unfortunately, not much elaboration was giving on the point, but more details are expected to come next year.

Another aspect which makes the game standout is the third person look. The developer says that verticality plays an important role. This means climbing around the map, flying or jumping. Early access would be launched in 1st quarter of 2016 and the beta would follow by next summer. So far, the announcement of Paragon is made for PlayStation 4 and PC. Meantime, a trailer of this game was also released by Epic Games for backing the words.

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