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5 Points about new Google Hangouts

5 Points about new Google Hangouts

According to an official post on Google blog by director of product management Scott Johnston “more than half of the workforce will contribute remotely by 2020 so businesses require purpose built tools to help employees succeed”.

Google announced two new features will enhance the collaboration between business team members and better communication.

The two new features are:

1 Hangout Chat

2 Hangout Meet


5 points about hangout chat:

1 Hangout chat eases the business conversation in virtual room.

2 You can message frequently to your team members to their respective chat rooms.

3 You can share videos, files and photos by this app very easily.

4 Hangout chat is integrated with different apps like box, Zapier and quick box that allows user to build its own bots without sending any notification.

5 You can open hangout chat using Google early adopter program.


5 points about hangout meet:

1 Using hangout meet, video meeting for team members become easier.

2 You can use hangout meet without Wi fi in case of out of workplace.

3 Hangout meet makes it very convenient to joining a meeting simply with a single tap on your phone from any place.

4 You can even call or schedule a video call in Google calendar by using hangout meet.

5 Hangout meet is easily access on I tune and Google apple store.

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