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7 Foods that Control Cholesterol

7 Foods that Control Cholesterol

1 Nut: Contain vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and zinc, copper. It helps to improve brain power sharper memory, immune system and control cholesterol, useful in hair growth and skin.

2 Garlic: This tiny super food is a rich source of calcium, copper, potassium, vitamin B1; B6.it reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure. Reports said that eating raw garlic can prevent from cancer.

3 Dark Chocolate: Great source of antioxidants reduces stress, improve blood pressure and act as anti aging. Dark chocolate contain caffeine that control cholestorel.

4 Avocados: Most popular fruit contain manganese, copper, iron, zinc, vitamin A, B1, B2.its a low carb food good for heart, improve digestion, lower cholesterol.

5 Greentea: Widely used for weight loss, contain polyphones, caffeine. It acts as fat burner and boosting metabolism. Green tea lowers cholesterol very fast.

6 Mushrooms: This tiny headed tree is full of antioxidants, high fiber, potassium and vitamin C. It builds immunity and decrease heart disease.

7 Chickpeas: Mostly helpful in bone fracture, digestion, cholesterol and blood pressure.

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