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8 Facts About New Google Earth

8 Facts About New Google Earth

Google earth’s  new version is launched on Tuesday 18th April, that will featured with advanced version of digital views having crystal clear images with all new 3D experiences.

Here are 8 facts about New Google earth

1 New Google earth will be available in chrome, android and will be coming to I OS in the future.

2 Google earth featured ‘Voyager’- a guide tour that will curate journey of ten locations having a respective theme. It will access via c ships wheel icon. There are around 50 voyager tour are available today and they will be soon added other new voyagers in the future.

3 Google borrowed ‘feeling lucky’ button from search and you will be get information through knowledge cards of at present 20,000 locations. By using this button, it will suggest you the mysterious places like Pemba Island off the Swahili coast or Oadaira hot spring in Yamagata in Japan and other amazing and wonderful places exits on earth.

4 ‘Knowledge card’ will give the accurate information about mountains, landmarks and other places that will be visited.

5 New Google earth featured ‘3D button’, which will give 3 dimension view of marvelous nature’s creation like Grand Canyon, historical places, architectural marvels and other world’s wonders. You can tilt and rotate the map to look according to your prospective and having an unbelievable experience.

6 Google earth boasting partner including BBC earth, NASA, sesame street and the jane Goodall institute together take a new step in digitization of the future and provides more and more information about the world.

7 New Google earth is an important tool for archeologist, scientist, engineers, government firm and private organization to explore surroundings via satellite imaginary and 3d navigation for their respective discoveries.

8 Google earth new tools are featured with more advanced technology, that will gives us more information and unexpected experience about the planet.

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