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9 Offers and their Significance in Navratri

9 Offers and their Significance in Navratri

According to the Hindu luni solar calendar shuka paksha pratipada is celebrated as the New Year of the Hindu calendar, considered as the 1st day of the chiatra month. It is also celebrated as 9 days of Devi or goddess Durga known as ‘navratri’.

Navratri is celebrated all over the country with divine souls and Holy Spirit. It begins with 28th March till 5th April.

It is one of the festivals, which had great importance in Hindu culture. It belongs to 9 Devis, who is considered as mother of whole universe. It’s the time for every one of fasting and worshiping with pure heart and honesty.

9 days belong to 9 forms of Devi’s, and each of them has their own significance and importance.

The 9 forms of the devi’s has scheduled to 9 offers

1 First day belong to Devi Shail putri, also known as daughter of Himalaya. She is representing as sparking white light with eternal calmness.

On first day pure cow’s ghee or white sweets are offered to Devi shail putri, share this Prasad to the priest. It will protect us with future problems.

2 Day second belong to worship of Devi Brahmacharini , castor sugar and prasad of sugar is offered to Devi Brahmacharini, she bless us with long life.

3 Devi Chandraghanta is worshipped on the third day, dairy and dairy products like kheer are offered to them, share this prasad to not have people. It brings joy and happiness in our lives.

4 Forth day of navratri belong to devi Kushmanda, dish prepared by floor and milk known as malpue is offered to them, it will increases the ability of taking right decision.

5 Day fifth belong to the worship of Devi Skandmata, also known as mother of skand means son. Banana fruit id offered to them, share these bananas in small childrens. It gives good health to us.

6 Devi Katayanani is worshipped on sixth day of navratri, honey is offered to them, it brings prosperity and popularity in our life.

7 Seventh day of navratri is worshipped as Devi Kalratri, gajjery is offered to them in the form of Prasad, and share it to any other person. It removes all sorrow and pain of life.

8 Day eight belong to worship of Devi Mahagauri, coconut which is meant to be very auspicious is offered to her and then shares it to other. It brings stability in our lives.

9 Devi Siddhidatri is worshiped on last 9 day of navratri,she is considered as goddess with supreme powers. On last day Devi’s favorite halwa, puri is offered to her and then shares it to the others, small girls of below 10 years. It gives wealth and happiness in our life.

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