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9 Rituals of Devi Brahmcharini

9 Rituals of Devi Brahmcharini2nd day of Chaitra navratri celebrated as worship of Devi Brahmcharini, it will fall on 29th March wednesday. This day is also defined as Chandra darshan, first day moon of the year after Amavasya. Sindhara dooj is also celebrates on Dwitiya, Wednesday.

Devi Brahmcharini poses straight in white clothes with right hand japa mala known as rosary, and in left hand she holds a water pot known as Kamandalu.

Brahmcharini means one who perform tap or penance, according to Hindu mythology Devi Brahmcharini governs lord Mangal.


Devi Shail putri puja rituals:

1 First of all you take bath wear neat and clean clothes.Try to wear white clothes on second day of navratri puja.

2 Now deeply clean the temple or puja place.

3 Offers white flowers, rice, rori, haldi, suppari, sandal paste,and coconut to Devi Brahmcharini.

4 Jasmine is most favorite flower of Devi Brahmcharini, you should offer jasmine flowers on second day of navratri.

5 Prasad of sugar and mixture of sugar and castor sugar is favorite of Devi Brahmcharini , you should offer this Prasad to Devi Brahmcharini and then divide it to the family members and small childrens.

6 Chanted this mantra of Devi brahmcharini

“Om Brahmcharinyai Namah”

“ Dadhana kara padmabhyamakashamala kamandalu

Devi prasidatu mayi brahma caharinyanuttama”


7 You can also read the holy book of Devi’s known as ‘Shatpsati Durga Paath’, if you are fasting for 9 days.

8 Now do aarti of goddess Durga and divides the Prasad to the small childrens.

9 Pray to Devi Brahmcharini that her blessing always shower on us.

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