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9 Rituals of Devi Shailputri

9 Rituals of Devi Shailputri

Today is New Year of hindu calendar and it is also celebrated as gudi padwa in Maharashtra, Ugadi in Karnataka and Telangana, Durga puja in Kolkata and Chaitra Navratri in north India.

According to hindu mythology, 1st day of Chaitra navratri belongs to the Devi Shail putri.There is a procedure of ghat stapana in good muhrat on this day.

Devi Shailputri Puja Rituals:

1 first of all you take bath and wear new and clean clothes.

2 now deeply clean the temple or puja place of your house.

3 Ghat stapana rituals are followed by proper procedure, now lighting holy diya in front of goddess Durga idol.

4 offers white flowers, rice, rori, haldi, suppari, sandal paste, coconut to Devi Shail putri.

5 Pure cow’s ghee and white sweet like rasgula, barfi,or any white sweet , you should  offer to Devi Shail putrid as Prasad.

6 Chanted this mantra of Devi Shail putrid.

“ Vande vakashilabhaye chandrkray shekram

Varsha rudha shooldharam Shail putrid Yasasvinim”

7 You can also read the holy book of Devi’s known as ‘Shatpsati Durga Paath’, if you are fasting for 9 days.

8 Now do aarti of goddess Durga and divides the Prasad to the small childrens.

9 Pray to devi Shail putri with good heart and holy spirit.

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