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9 Things to Never do in Navratri

9 Things to Never do in Navratri

Navratri is started on 28th March, Tuesday. It’s an auspicious festival, which is celebrated with new rising sun of the year.

Nive forms of devi Durga also known as Navdurga is worshiped in these 9 days. If you keep fast for 9 days then you must thought of those things, which you should be avoid in 9 days of fasting. To fulfill navratri vrat in a good procedure, try to follow this vrat with true heart.

There are many myths and conceptions in Hindu mythology, while worshipping for navratri fast, which you should do remember.

1 You should not cut your hair, nails and visiting par lour or any kind of fashion stuff while fasting for 9 days. Try to keep yourself more clean and good.

2 Men’s performing fast should not be doing shave in 9 days.

3 Try to avoid alcohol and non vegetarian food in these 9 days.

4 Avoid wearing black clothes while doing puja of navratri, try to wear bright colors like red, yellow, green. These colors give positive energy to us.

5 According to another conception of navratri fasting, devotee should not be sleep in day time period.

6 Do not disrespect any one, and also try to avoid telling lie. Not to waking someone who is slept.

7 Keep your behavior very calm and kind and  try no one is harmed by you, especially small children in these nine days.

8 Do not stitch or knit anything during navratri days.

9 Do not harm any animal.

Performing these simple steps, will competed your nine day fast with all good things and pure heart, may Goddess Durga showers her blessings on you. Fulfill your life with wealth and prosperity and removes all sorrows of your life.

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