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Apple iPad Air 3 release date and features: Will it arrive soon?

It’s a great honor to say, we have iPhone 6s and Apple TV back in September. Soon after the launch, they began to work on next flagship. At a glance, the journey of Smartphone aims to bring more features and utilities. Apple received numerous positive feedback for 3D technology in the iPhone 6s. The reason for the iPhone 6s success was 3D technology, which took sales revenue to the peak.apple-ipad-air-3-release-date-price-rumors-specs

At present, Apple next rival “iPad Air 3” rumors started to spread around. The company’s former iPad variants are released in autumn. Hence, we can expect one more tablet from Apple. It is already up and “iPad Air 3” leaked features spotted over the internet. The company hasn’t announced the release date, let’s wait for future updates.

The upcoming iPad Air 3 starting price could be reasonable, if the device brings innovative features. As we all know that, the device price varies with the selection of storage variants. In the first storage stage, we can expect price around £399. If you are a gamer or space buster, it’s better to choose 128GB storage in iPad Air 3.

Features and utilities are the main key to the sales success. Hence, we can look forward A9X processor that boosts 3 GB RAM. These highly integrated chipset powered with iOS 9.0.2 operating system. Moreover, the company might adapt 7000 series aluminum alloy in the iPad Air 3. This will control heating problem and able to pass on bend test. The body goes as slim as 6.1mm thick, which packs smaller battery on the back.

Some report suggests, the new iPad could come with 9.7-inch display screen sporting double resolution capacity (2334 x 3112) from current one.

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