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Bring out Saregama’s Carvaan in this rainy season

Bring out Saregama’s Carvaan in this rainy season

Music and rain are always complementing each other when it’s a talk of bolly wood music in India. Rainy season inspired singers for melodious songs and they are more mesmerizing when they are songs of 50’s and 60’s.

If you are bollywood music lover especially old songs then this will be the best thing you have. Or if you want to gift your grandparents and parent a memorable thing which overwhelming them this will be the perfect gift at affordable price of Rs 5,990.

A cup of hot tea in rainy fall and listen your favorite old song of Lata mangeskar, kishore kumar, Mohammad Rafi and many more on a radio is the perfect scene of the day; seems like a dream today. Not yet if you are want to revive those days back then, Saregama brings you brand new Carvaan; which bring you back in older days.

10 facts about new Carvaan of Saregama:

1 Carvaan is a bluetooth speaker looks like an old radio.

2 It has collection of 5000 classic songs and radio commentary inbuilt in.

3 Carvaan is 1.5 kg stereo speaker has an audio wattage of 6W and 3W to each individual drive.

4 Saregama’s Carvaan small box like design gives it a retro look of radio including LCD display.

5 there is no need of internet while playing Carvaan and listening your favorite song.

6 It also included the Radio geetmala commentary by Ameen sayani included in the device goes back to 1952.

7 Carvaan is also featured with USB, RM and Bluetooth. You can also attached headphone to 3.5 mm port located at right side of the Carvaan.

8 There is also a reset button, forward and backward button to change the playing track according to your choice.

9 Its battery backup gives of playback of 5 hrs. Also includes mood button to get shuffling of tracks.

10 Carvaan is light weight, small and portable device which you can carry at any place, whether on picnic, travelling spot and on a long ride. It rejoices your old days back.

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