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Airborne Wind Energy Systems Market Major Vendors Profile, Sales Revenue & Consumer Volume Forecast From 2017-2025

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Systems Market (By Type: Kites, Lifting Balloons, and Drones) – Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Landscape, 2017-2025”, airborne wind energy (AWE) systems market is expected to grow significantly on account of increasing investments towards this technology.


Among novel technologies for producing electricity from renewable resources, a new class of wind energy converters has been conceived under the name of Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWESs). This new generation of systems employs flying tethered wings or aircraft in order to reach winds blowing at atmosphere layers that are inaccessible by traditional wind turbines. Research on AWESs started in the mid-seventies, with a rapid acceleration in the last decade. A number of systems based on radically different concepts have been analyzed and tested. Several prototypes have been developed all over the world and the results from early experiments are becoming available. This paper provides a review of the different technologies that have been conceived to harvest the energy of high-altitude winds, specifically including prototypes developed by universities and companies. A classification of such systems is proposed on the basis of their general layout and architecture. The focus is set on the hardware architecture of systems that have been demonstrated and tested in real scenarios. Promising solutions that are likely to be implemented in the close future are also considered.


Market Insights

Consistently growing need for clean and endless source of energy has encouraged scientist to search new avenues to generate power through non-conventional energy sources. However, the use of such non-conventional energy sources involves issues such as control and continuity of the power source. Airborne wind energy is considered as a superior alternative for power generation to overcome the aforementioned issues. Some of the leading companies across the world including Google, EON, Shell, Schlumberger, Tata, and Softbank, among others have made a combined investment of over US$ 200 Mn for the development of airborne wind energy. Consequently, the demand for airborne wind energy (AWE) systems is expected to accelerate at a brisk pace in the following years. Government organizations across different nations have been engaged in framing new regulations and norms to reduce pollution. For instance, several major European nations are involved in programs such as Roadmap2050 developed to reduce the carbon percentage. In order to achieve the target, governments across different countries are encouraging methods such as airborne wind energy to produce clean and uninterrupted energy.

Different methods such as kites, balloons, and drones are used to harvest the airborne wind energy (AWE). The aforementioned types of airborne wind energy (AWE) systems offer considerable merits over conventional wind turbines such as easy controlling of the energy harvester, almost uninterrupted supply of energy and less possibility of damage due to adverse weather conditions. Owing to the merits offered by airborne wind energy (AWE) systems, the market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the following years.

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Global Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Systems Market Analysis
3.1. Global Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Systems Market Overview
3.2. Market Inclination Insights
3.2.1. Recent Trends
3.2.2. Future Outlook
3.3. Market Dynamics
3.3.1. Market Drivers
3.3.2. Market Challenges
3.4. See-Saw Analysis
3.5. Attractive Investment Proposition
3.6. Market Positioning of Key Industry Participants
3.6.1. Major Strategies Adopted
3.6.2. Analyst Recommendations

Company Profiles
9.1. Ampyx Power
9.2. E-Kite Netherlands BV
9.3. EnerKite GmbH
9.4. Altaeros Energies
9.5. eWind Solutions
9.6. Kite Power Solutions, Ltd.
9.7. Kite Gen Research
9.8. Makani Power
9.9. SkySails GmbH & Co. KG
9.10. Windlift LLC
9.11. Twingtec AG
9.12. Omnidea, Lda
9.13. Kitenergy S.r.l.
9.14. kPower LLC
9.15. KiteMill

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