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Social And Entertainment Robots Market To Grow At A CAGR Of 9.5% Between 2017 And 2025

The purpose of the report is to illustrate the state of the market of Specialty Fats and Oils, to present actual information about the volumes of production, exports, imports, consumption and the state of the market, the changes that took place in 2017, and also, to build a forecast for the growth of the industry in the medium term until 2026.

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Market Insights

Social robots are independent mobile machines that are developed to interact with human beings and demonstrate social behaviors like identifying, assisting following, and engaging in a dialogue with their owners. With increasing innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, sensors, battery technologies, and availability of a common platform for robotics software development,  robots have garnered the ability to enter our fields at home, work, and in public sphere. Thus, it is believed that the adoption of robots will expand from systems performing household chores to systems interacting with humans in the form of entertainment and social robots. The theme of robots becoming companions, especially among children and elderly population will be supported by advances in computer vision technology and artificial intelligence. This trend is more prevalent among elderly population in Triad countries (Japan, Europe, the U.S.).  With the emergence of social and entertainment robots, it is expected that companionship of a man with such social machines will yield potential benefits in the coming years. Although social and entertainment robots are still in very naïve stage of development as compared to human intelligence, these machines posses immense and currently are one of the most popular research topics.

In addition, with declining sensor costs and evolving performance features, the demand for robotic toys is expected to increase among children.  Given the advancements in camera and sensor technology, these robots are presumed to make households more inter-connected. Connecting these robots to other connected devices across the premise will enable owners to better monitor the entire premise through a lone interface. Growing awareness regarding the benefits offered by these robots, improving functionalities, and declining costs is expected to accelerate growth of these robots.

Social And Entertainment Robots Market

This report on global social and entertainment robots market discusses leading industry players and their strategies. The key players in the social and entertainment robots market are  Robot Care Systems, Savioke, Blue Frog Robotics, Avatarmind, Jibo, Asus, Future Robot, Vstone, Aldebaran, Fellow Robots, and PAL Robotics among others. The key strategies adopted by these players include product innovation and focus on research and development.

Why was the report written?

This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from Credence Research’s exclusive panel of leading global market industry executives; it provides data and analysis on buyer investment, acquisition, and developments within the global market research. It includes key topics such as global Specialty Fats and Oils buyer expenditure and procurement behaviors and strategies and recognizes the threats and possibilities within the industry, economic outlook trends, and business confidence within global industry executives. Most secondary research reports are based on general industry drivers and do not understand the industry executives’ attitude and changing behaviors, creating a gap in presenting the business outlook of the industry; in an effort to bridge this gap, Credence Research created this primary research-based report by gathering the opinions of multiple stakeholders in the value chain of the global industry.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

Executives from the global industry anticipate an increase in levels of consolidation, with 55% of respondents projecting an increase in merger and acquisition (M&A) activities in 2017.

The report on the market of Social And Entertainment Robots contains:

Analysis and forecast of Specialty Fats and Oils market dynamics;

Analysis of domestic production, market shares of the main market players;

Analysis of exports and imports;

Analysis of factors, leading the development of the Specialty Fats and Oils market;

Assessment and forecast of Specialty Fats and Oils market development;

Financial and business profiles of the leading companies in the Specialty Fats and Oils industry.


– Up to date working Specialty Fats and Oils data by major regions in the world, the forecast of planned capacity additions by 2026

– The annual breakdown of capital expenditure spending on proposed Specialty Fats and Oils for the period 2018 to 2026

– Planned Specialty Fats and Oils additions and capital expenditure spending by key countries and companies across the world

– Planned capital expenditure spending on new Specialty Fats and Oils projects by region, key countries, and companies

– Details of major planned Specialty Fats and Oils projects in the world up to 2026

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