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Cure for Autism might just have been discovered by researchers

According to the recent study, it has been shown that certain drugs that increase the concentration of GABA in the brain can in turn be used to treat autism. To be true, if the researchers can work out with this, it will be an exceptional breakthrough in the field of medical science.autism-brain-neurotransmitters

Autism is one of the most difficult diseases to think of when it comes to the issues that it causes. People with autism tend to struggle a lot when it comes to recognizing visual images. For quite some time now, researchers have been trying to figure out a cure for the disease.

According to the statement given by Mr. Robertson, “Autism is often described as a disorder in which all the sensory input comes flooding in at once, so the idea that an inhibitory neurotransmitter was important fit with the clinical observations”.

The report suggests that approximately about 25% of the individuals suffering from Autism also suffer from epilepsy. The researchers believe that the attacks of epilepsy might just be the effect of excessive neurological transmission is the brain. It has also been found that autistic brains contain much greater levels of nestin and CD34 proteins that control various processes in the Brain.

Mr. Robertson has also stated that “GABA is responsible for signaling that neurons should turn off, or stop firing”. It has also been seen that individuals suffering from Autism are also extremely sensitive to external environment. They tend to get distracted with bursts of sound or light. The researchers believe that such reactions might just as well be the effects of the neurotransmission are the brain.


  1. Nice try, but there are just as many kids who have a paradoxical reaction to GABA and get WORSE. Maybe if he looked back at research published over the last decade and a half he wouldn't be sticking his neck out making this ridiculous claims.

  2. Was this one of the researchers involved in the brain loss? I find their presumption of suppiortity to be quite ignorent and ablist. Couldn't nerological differnces actully improve brain proformence on certain tasks? I find my brain works harder and takes in more information to compensate for poor physical cordination. I might not be able to hold the cards very good, but I'd like to play a few games of bridge with these "scienists" and see who wins…

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