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Everything You Know about Cheti Chand

Everything You Know about Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand jyon lakh lakh wadayun athav, means lakhs and lakhs of wishes for happy cheti chand. Wish you all a very happy cheti chand.

Chedi chand festival is come around at corner; it’s the most important festival of sindhi community which is celebrated in India and Pakistan.

Cheti chand is celebrated on the second day of the chiatra month, considered as New Year in Hindu calendar.

It’s been celebrated on 29 March, Wednesday 2017

Origin of the Cheti Chand:

The word cheti chand means the chaitra month’s moon, which is called as the new moon day of the year. Cheti chand is celebrated as commemorate of the birth anniversary of the Ishtadeva Uderlal, popularly known as jhule lal a patron saint of sindhis.

According to the sindhi’s mythology lord jhule lal considered as incarnation of the Hindu water god varun dev.

Rituals of Cheti Chand:

1 First of all every member of the family take holy bath and wear new clothes.

2 Peoples go to temples and guruduras and worship on the new day of the year.

3 All are get ready to be part of the procession which is start from the gurudura   which convert into a huge rally of the sindhis community.

4 Business persons start new account book on this auspicious day.

5 Pray for good health and wealth for whole year.

Main practices on this day:

1 Chaliho Sahib: It’s a main practice of worship water god for forty days and on the day of cheti chand they celebrated it as day of ‘thanks giving’.

It gives the message of save water and importance of water in our life. The day of thanks giving is start by offering sweet water and prasad to the devotees.

2 Bharana Shahib: It’s the most important part of the festival, which is the procession of the lord jule lal idol placed in the palki followed with a bronze pot fill with water and coconut bind on the top with the holy cloth. They also take holy jyot also known as akhand jyot, flowers and sugar candy. Devotees become crazy to saw once the akhand jyot placed in the palki. Procession ends on the river and lake where baharana sahib has taken to the river, now sesa and akho is distributed to the devotees.

3 Cheej Dance: It is the most popular folk dance of the sindhis, which is performed by the all age people of the sindhi community during procession.


Other Cultural Programs on Cheti Chand:

Peoples of sindhi community enjoy this day with lots of love and joy and share happiness to others.

A huge gathering was arranged by the community to celebrate this day; they can dance, sing holy songs and eat good food.

Many cultural programs and event can take place on this day on different locations; children had a great fun on this day.

Some people also organized a fun fair on this day especially for ladies and children.

Festivals always combines people with love and affection and  helps to pass on the legacy to the young generation, to realize them values and rituals of the respected culture.

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