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Everything you know about Ugadi or Yugadi

Everything you know about Ugadi or Yugadi

India is well known for its rituals and traditions with uncountable festivals, numbers of caste and culture have their own festivals, or we can say that each day is celebrated as a festival by different peoples.

Peoples of Karnataka and Telangana are ready to celebrate upcoming ugadi festival, also known as New Year of telgu’s on 28 March 2017.

Origin of Ugadi: According to Hindu calendar, festivals of the year are divided in between solar calendar and luni solar calendar.

Ugadi is celebrated in luni solar calendar on shukla paksha pratipada which is considered as 1st day of chaitra, 1st month of the New Year.

Rituals of ugadi:

1 Ritual started with traditional oil bath.

2 After taking bath each member of the house wear new clothes.

3 Women are carrying themselves with tradition gajra and raw silk sari completed with gold ornaments.

4 People decorated their doors with beautiful colorful rangolis.

5 People put a kalash fill of water and place green coconut on the top on the front door, which is considered to be very auspicious to them.

6 They bind a series of new mango leaves known as toran on the entrance of the home, which is a sign of pleasing and attracting goddess lakshmi, to fill their home with wealth and happiness.

7 Some people hoist new flag on the terrace of their house.


Special customs on Ugadi:

1 Panchangana Sravanan: on this day new panchang or calendar of kannad is started and everyone listen the panchangana of the year by the respected priest.

2 Worship in Temples: members of the family are all together going to the respected temples for worships and pray for good wealth and happiness can shower all over the year on them.

3 Get Together: after completed the rituals men and women are going to get together with their relatives, neighbors and close ones and share joy and happiness of the New Year.

4 Kannads and telgu families are started new work and business particularly on this auspicious day, it is considered that work started on this day can go good all over the year.

5 Peoples do lots of shopping on this special day.


Special ritual of telgu families on ugadi:

There is a special ritual followed by telgu families, they invited newly wedded daughter and son in law for lunch and offered them gifts and showers blessing to them.

Women are greeted one another rand apply kumkum and haldi on their fore head.


Ugadi food:

Top first thing one should take on this morning is the popular panchadi, which is made up of five things, jiggery, raw mango pieces, yellow neem flowers, tamarind juice and green chili, It’s a mixture of sweet and sour taste.

Ugadi is a festival of celebrating new things of nature with respect, love and joy. These small festivals joined family with love and happiness and pass on the tradition to the young generation.

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