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Facebook Inc (FB) launches “Work Chat” messenger

The social media giant, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has launched an all-new application for the business co-workers and colleagues to chat with each other. The application is named as “Work Chat”, and as the name suggests, the user can send a private text message to his / her co-worker over a private social media.facebook-work-chat-app-screenshot

The application looks similar to the official work version of the Facebook Messenger and user can send text messages to their colleagues, and also in the group. Similar to Facebook Messenger application, one can share images and videos to their friends. The application allows the users to make voice calls and also allows them to make free calls over the internet to their office co-workers.

The application is debuted by Facebook on Thursday and Work Chat can be downloaded from the following link. Facebook has announced that, iOS version of the device is under development and will be released soon. And, there is no official announcement on the release date of iOS version. The Work Chat has started the process of private testing and it will officially unveil it in this January. In the meantime, Facebook has mentioned that around 300 businesses were using its new platform “Work Chat”.

Including customers such as Hootsuite and Linio, 300 companies were using the Work Chat now. Facebook released a report, which states that more than 100,000 of user will install and use the application by the end of the year.

The main advantage of this application is that, the application looks similar to the Facebook consumer version. The Enterprises can run a unique social media network for their users and also employer can create number of accounts for their employers to use the platform without interfering any others. In addition to this, users can link their link, their personal account and also their work accounts too. Also, the users can share various documents, announcements by using this application without any hassles.

Facebook has announced that, ‘freemium’ version of the application will be released in the month of January and which brings out bigger challenges for the company. The Work Chat application is first found out by TechCrunch on last Thursday. By now, the application allows the users to turn on and turn off the notification in the application.

Currently around 300 companies were performing the testing operation and closed beta version were rolled out for those companies. Mainly, the application is designed for enterprise usage. But, the look and feel of the application will seem to remain as Facebook version. The user can send and receive messages through the application and also it looks similar to normal Messenger application.

Facebook is entered into various industries and now becoming a rival for LinkedIn, Slack and other platform, by launching Work Chat. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates on Facebook’s Work Chat.

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