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Fear is Useful for Ecosystem to Flourish – Recent Study Claims

Remember Achilles from Troy quips to Hector,”Fear is Useful”. Same is the case with the Earth’s ecosystem, where different kinds of flora and fauna flourished. But soon it started to get extinct. Many of the plant life and animal life is gone already and especially the predators on earth, their numbers have been bleak from decades and now most of them are extinct.fear-ecosystem-research-racoons

This will cause trouble to the food chain and ecosystem will disrupt and balance will lose. Predators are the ones who were feared the most by other animals. Big cats and other terrorizing predators kept the smaller mesopredators in check.

One researcher named Justin Suraci took videos of frightened raccoons by sending wild dogs near them. He experimented with the landscapes of fear. Here is the video:

Conservation of ecosystem is all the rage in 2016 research and governments are trying to maintain the environment as much as they can. But these numbers have kept going down. But it is amazing how trying to scare small species of animals keeps them on their toes and makes them run for their life.

This does not means that the lack of predators can be compensated with this, but somehow the balance needs to be maintained. While countries are investing resources in breeding big predators and conserving wildlife, the middle of the food chain needs to be in check. Otherwise, plants, humans and animals all will suffer the consequences.

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