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Features of Google’s Android O

Features of Google’s Android O

Taking a step ahead in technology advancement Google developed a new soft ware, Android O for smart phone devices. Google’s Android O is released on March 21, 2017.

Some features of Google’s new Android O:

1 The key target of Google’s Android O is to improve battery life; the new Android O contain addition limit app that will save battery life of the device by customize other things.

2 Android O will be able to customize notifications like alarm, ring tone, e-mail and text messages.

3 Android O will sport picture-in-picture mode that will allow user to do other activity like texting while watching video.

4 There is new notification channel in Android O which can control the notification received by each app.

5 You can change Theme and color of the integrated content according to you by using ‘device theme app’ of the Android O.

6 Android O sports blue tooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and also tries for wireless audio devices.

7 There are new adaptive icons in Android O which can display different shapes and model in devices.

8 Android O featured security and screen lock feature and also have finger print and touch screen option.

9 Android O bears ‘new install other app’, so you can able to installed non Google play app.

10 New navigation bar, installed in system UI of Android O, which have three navigation buttons clip board, key code and key board switcher.

11 Android O will sport high devices with wide gamut color graphics.

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