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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 08 (S06E08): Here is What We Can Expect

Game of Thrones universally unites the people, almost all of them with gory war, ineffable politics and the series plot twists carries. Now it has arrived at its near end of season 6 with episode 8 to be aired on Monday. GOT608_102115_HS__DSC72481

The episode 8 is titled “No One”, an obvious reference to the Faceless Men whom Arya was training with – the plot will focus on Jaime in River Run, Cersei in King’s Landing, Tyrion in Mereen and, of course, Arya. Don’t forget to take a peek at the newly released pictures of episode 8 on the HBO website.

It hints the return of one of the dead characters or at least, we thought so was to be dead. It keeps things in secrecy, but also would like to toy with the minds of the fans by predicting what’s going to happen. Leaving a gripping surprise in the previous episode by making a return on the presumed dead Sandor Clegane alive, we could also expect the same in this as well.

If we clearly recall, Petyr Baelish spoke to Robin Arryn, the Warden of the East and the Defender of the Vale, and he promised to support the cause of his cousin Sansa. Are we thinking what Sansa was thinking? Do you also think she sent out a raven to Little Finger asking for support? Or to Theon, since she reconciled with his sister? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Now, if we see where Brienne is, she is marched towards the house Tully. Surely, the Tully’s won’t make alliances with the Starks, but what if they decide to fight for the cause of men in the imminent battle against the dead. Well, shouldn’t we ponder on what would have happened to Arya? Seeing the episode 8 preview and the leaked pictures, we can all say that Arya will be put to a test and only can wonder if she will pass until the episode 8 airs.

The episode also shows a happy-yet-not-so-expected reunion of old buddies Brienne and Jaime, but will the reunion result in great terms?Our old queen Cersie will survive as long as her own guardian monster, The Mountain is tailing her. But in episode 8, she chooses the violence. Result? Either the High Sparrows are thrashed to ground or the vice versa. Will Jaime not being there with her cause her more trouble? Well, seems like she is inviting more for herself. Let’s all count on Cersie and her instincts.

Theories also predict that The Hound will meet Lady StoneHeart to fight against the lannisters. But, under what circumstances will he meet the Lady StoneHeart? Would we all know the rise of Lady StoneHeart, when she runs into the Hound?

Well, only the episode, “No One” would end our wait to all our questions by giving us convincing answers.

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