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Google, the technology giant, celebrates its 20th anniversary

Google, the technology giant, celebrates its 20th anniversary

The most used search engine, which belongs to the third most important company in the world, does 3.5 billion searches per day, averaging 0.19 seconds each

“Twenty years are nothing”, but in terms of technology, 20 years is a long enough time for us not to remember exactly how we could live without it … Google has changed our lives to the point of knowing our habits and tastes of consumers, suggesting leisure activities and to facilitate life, although for this we have become dependent on the damned (or blessed) technology.

Two decades ago, libraries and newspaper libraries were the most reliable sources of information, and encyclopedias, the best allies of knowledge. However, from time to time, Internet access has replaced this effort to learn and know by the convenience of a click. Access to worldwide knowledge in real time opened us to the world almost at the same time that it was limiting our capacity of effort, attention and even surprise. The traditional rumors and rumors have been replaced by fake news, and something seems reliable if seen on the Internet.

The world’s most famous and used search engine celebrates 20 years of existence this Thursday, September 27. Even its creators, whom we would now call freaks, were unaware of the extent of their passion for technology and their revolutionary idea that would create a giant. To commemorate this date, Google made a doodle in video form that synthesizes its essence: anything you look for, and in any language, you will find, since the most famous search engine in the world has an offer of more than 150 languages and is present in 190 countries.

September 27 was the official date of Google’s creation, but in fact neither its founders know for sure the exact day it came to light. The only certainty, given the amount of ephemeris that the multinational has to celebrate this month, is that September is the month of the American company.

Its beginning dates back to two university students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who became friends sharing a business dream in 1995 while studying computer science and programming at Stanford University. A year later they started collaborating on a search engine called BackRub, which ran on the university’s servers until finally it took up a lot of bandwidth and was deactivated.

In those years at the end of the last century, there were other search engines, such as AltaVista, that allowed access to millions of indexed sites on their servers. Improving them with the use of keywords was the goal of Page and Brin. Even in the story of Google’s birth, it is said that its creators went to visit the owners of AltaVista, who rejected their idea. Nowadays, those students are ahead of a giant, whereas that powerful search engine of the former closed a few years ago.

In 1997, Larry and Sergey decided to change the name of BackRub and bet on Google, a game with the word googol, the mathematical term that describes the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Seeing a good deal on that search engine idea, Andy Bechtolsheim, a venture capitalist, bet on them in August 1998 and offered them a check for $ 100,000 when, in fact, neither Larry nor Sergey was useful to Google initially, and the company did not even exist yet. The millionaire also asked them how they thought of advertising, and they replied that they would not do it, that word-of-mouth would be more than enough.

That investment allowed Page and Brin to leave the university lodgings as a workplace and move to a garage in Menlo Park. Also that month, Larry and Sergey hired Craig Silverstein as their first employee.

The Google Inc. company was registered on September 4, 1998, but that date has been forgotten, although, for public offices, it is the true day of the foundation. It also fell into oblivion on September 8, officially the date of creation until 2005, and the 27, or today, the date on which the famous search engine debuted. In fact, Ryan Germick, the man who created the famous doodles, (the first, incidentally, before Google’s birth on August 30), admitted in 2013: “When is Google’s birthday? I have the impression that we do not know. ”

As of the end of September 1998, Google.com, still in beta, had about 10,000 searches daily, and the press was beginning to talk about the new search engine and its excellent operation. A year later, they got $ 25 million from two major investors, and the modest offices became small, so they moved on to Googleplex, Google’s current headquarters in Mountain View, California. Since 2004, it has traded stocks on the Stock Exchange, where it has become the third most important multinational behind Apple and Amazon.

What started out as a college project in just one year became a huge company with exponential growth. After all, the company that everyone would like to work on – the shared images of their facilities and work and leisure routines – adopted its official fourth anniversary in September 2002 as its official date of foundation, Entirely celebrating.

Google has never stopped innovating and adapting to the times and circumstances, so except for rare failures – which there were also, such as Google+, Google Glass, Buzz, Wave, Google Video Player and Picasa -, everything they’ve undertaken turned gold: maps (Maps), emails (Gmail), browser (Chrome), operating system (Android), and the purchase of other successful companies like YouTube.

At the end of 2015, Google underwent a restructuring and created a controlling company, called Alphabet, which oversaw both the giant and its healthcare subsidiaries (Verily), artificial intelligence (Deep Mind) and standalone vehicles (Waymo). In addition, Google has also been manufacturing handsets such as the Pixel smartphones and the Home smart speakers for a number of years, and last year introduced audio-language devices that translate languages in real time using their language conversion service.

Today, the Google brand is worth over $ 141 billion ($ 568.6 billion), and its services go far beyond a simple internet search engine: maps, audiovisual content platforms, data analysis, book storage, advertising and even a smart assistant.

Some of the curiosities of Google: it concentrates 91% of the searches in the world-wide Internet, has 80,000 employees, and even the Oxford English Dictionary included in 2006 the word google like a verb, although Google does not yet appear in any Brazilian dictionary. In addition, six of its products have surpassed one billion users (the search engine, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and the Play Store), and daily translate over 150 billion words in more than 150 languages and five continents.

Thanks to Google and platforms like Blogger and YouTube, nowadays we also accept terms like bloggers and YouTubers , activities that previously did not exist and with which not a few people make a living, and very well.

But not everything is wonderful in a giant deployed worldwide. His dominance as a search engine, advertising and mobile operating systems earned him criticism, denunciations and fines. Recently, the European Commission imposed a fine of almost five billion euros (23.6 billion reals) on Google, saying the company violated its right to free competition by pre-installing its applications on Android-based mobile devices. Earlier in 2017, another fine of 2.5 billion euros was imposed for abusing its dominant position in online searches and favoring its Google Shopping price comparator.

With its virtues and defects, nobody doubts that Google, besides being a business, facilitates our life, saving us from the difficulties that we faced before and allowing us to save time, money and security in our displacements. So long life to the giant, though, as always is recommended with technology, better a moderate and responsible use than an abuse that isolates us from reality.

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