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Jailbreak Your iPhone: A Full Up-to-Date Guide for Successful Jailbreak [iOS 9]

Generally Jailbreaking is a task, which basically involves few changes that are to be carried in your iOS devices after official updates to use your iOS device without any restrictions. In this post, I have shared the Jailbreaking ways for iOS 9, which is quite fairly used by most of the iOS users. ios-9-jailbreak1

If you want to Jailbreak your iOS device, this is the right place to do that. Be Cool and follow the simple steps and jailbreak very easily.

Now you can easily jailbreak with the help of iOS jailbreaking tools available for Windows and for OS X. With these easy steps, you can easily jailbreak iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s also. Note: This method currently not supporting for iOS 9.1 as of now. Please do not proceed with iOS 9.1. If anything happens to your device, we are not responsible for it. You’re proceeding these tasks at your own risk.

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Steps to Jailbreak your iOS Device:

  • The first and foremost step to jailbreak is that backup your device for getting back your data after jailbreak process. In order to back up your device, head towards Settings -> iCloud -> Backup -> Back Up Now.
  • Suppose, if you’re using passcode for locking the device, kindly disable passcode in your device.
  • Additionally Disable Mode should be enabled on your device, before proceeding with the task.
  • Download Pangu, jailbreaking tool from the shared link. And in the meantime, you need to install iTunes on your machine.
  • After downloading the tool, open it in your machine.
  • Now connect your device.
  • After the device is recognized in your machine, click “Start” from the Pangu tool.
  • Now, it’s time to click “Already Backup” option in your desktop.
  • Your device will reboot in a while and ask you to put your iOS device in airplane mode.
  • After a while, you will be prompted to open Pangu application on your iOS device. Now give access to your Photos from the application.
  • That’s all, your device will reboot. After reboot, deactivate Airplane mode and open Cydia right away in your device.

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