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Lake Michigan has good, clear water as locals research

The local people of the Michigan City had the opportunity of experiencing how it feels to be an aquatic scientist this weekend. Approximately about 30 people joined the research staff on a moving aquatic research facility on Lake Michigan in Michigan City. The 60 feet long vessel floated across the Lake Michigan and examined various water samples from the lake. The samples were taken from the top section of the lake as well as from the bottom of the lake. The result that was derived from all the testing over the weekend has brought in some good information for the people of Michigan City.

Lake Michigan has good, clear water as locals put hands in research

According to the statement by Shirley McIntire, a science instructor from the Grand Valley State University’s regional campus in Muskegon, Michigan City, “This is very good, clear water”. The vessel W.G. Jackson was used for the research, which is owned by the institute. The fact that the vessel is used for educational voyages for the students and aquatic research for the institute itself probably made the research on Lake Michigan pretty successful.

The research was conducted on water samples from various parts of the lake. In fact, water from Muskegon Lake was also tested along the line. The experts believe that the tests conducted on the waters and its results will help the students of the institute and other institutes as well.

The color of the water of Lake Michigan was rated 4 on a scale of 1 to 22 where 1 is the best. The eve better news is that in some parts of the lake, even better results were obtained from the tests. The existence of planktons also proved that the lake is rich in members that aid the food chain.

Amidst the many local people that were on board of the vessel apart from the researchers, the prominent one was Mario Rosa. Rosa was on board with his wife and his sons Caleb and Gideon. The people watched with utmost interest as the researchers went on with demonstrations of how everything works.


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