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Lenovo to launch a Microsoft HoloLens competitor VR device

While Microsoft sets it’s Windows 10 integrated Hololens release date in the first quarter, Lenovo enters as a VR headset competitor. Starting from the pen tip to giant machines, we are surrounded by technology. Microsoft upcoming Hololens carries highly featured sensor technology to track hand movement, voice and gestures. This allows for the execution of tasks. lenovo-vVR-technology

In an interview, Peter Hornensius (Chief technology officer) says, “we’re comfortable with bringing these kinds of things to market as customer demand grows,”

Lenovo is working on a VR project to take part in a fast growing market. Microsoft’s next rival could face a tough competition against Lenovo brand. Hopefully, we can expect a big surprise in the first quarter from Microsoft. The company haven’t outbreak any news about development, but their next legend won’t bring a big issue. Even though, there are many high end competitors in the market. Lenovo is working on a device, which covers an innovative features and utilities for the top list. Akin to PC’s and Smartphones, this could be a next playground for Lenovo brand.

The company showered huge money on research lab for the development of laptops and server technology. This result to bring powerful PCs and Smartphones in the present days. Some sort of device was displayed at the CES 2016.

According to the Hortensius, this gadget could be the new revolution in the gaming section. Moreover, users use a training and troubleshooting applications to get in touch. Along with Lenovo, HP is coming up “blended reality” that carries many tools for the 3D project.


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