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Apple Inc (AAPL) WWDC 2016: New expected announcements

Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) “Worldwide Developers conference” (WWDC) kicks off on 13 June at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and Apple users are keen to know what’s brewing inside Apple’s kitchen. Let’s go through the possibilities of new announcements and improvements of the current product lineup.apple-wwdc-2016-stadium

As we can predict, Apple has several main events such as iPhone announcement and launch in September/October every year, the developers conference in June, and sometimes there are instances of surprise events related to Mac and iPad announcements.

Generally, WWDC is a huge event for Apple Inc, where iOS developers attend the event by paying for the ticket in San Francisco to hear the live announcements from the company about iOS, Software development kits, new apps for iPhone, Watch, TV and Mac. The event also helps the developers to clear all their doubts about new software and learn the in and out of the new products from the Apple Engineers present at the event.

The main change of the event this year is the change of the auditorium – Keynote will be held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and other WWDC events will take place in Moscone West, both in San Francisco. Apple CEO Tim Cook will be making a Keynote address on Monday morning 10am to kick off the event followed by senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi who will announce the new version of the software.

Everyone knows that there will be new software announcements, but no one, except the Apple team, knows what software gets announced on the day. Let’s see what we can expect from the WWDC event from Apple.


According to rumors, Apple likely to conventionally change the name of Mac operating system to macOS from the new version software onwards. Not a big news though. The big news will be the induction of Siri voice assistant to the macOS.


Apple will not change the name of the next version of the mobile software, most likely to be called as iOS 10. There won’t be any bigger announcements like change of programming language, flattened UI, etc.. But, the company would introduce tweaks and improvements to the iOS, along with some more options for app developers to integrate.

There are rumors that suggest Apple will make the Siri project open source with some restrictions. If the Siri goes open source, then the voice assistant can be used to control more applications than core Apple functions. Apple may introduce a dark theme inside the mobile OS, which may turn everything darker, including the dark background for Email and iMessage.

Apple Watch

So far, no big rumors about Apple WatchOS has surfaced, except the option of third-party watch faces. Apple would definitely launch a new version of software with new tweaks and enhancements. It’s also expected that Apple could follow some leads from Google’s Android Wear to reintroduce them on WatchOS without breaking the law.

Apple TV

Apple’s tvOS that runs on Apple TV devices are less than a year old, which also has the Siri voice command software integrated into it. That means, even if the company doesn’t upgrade the tvOS to a new version, the improvements in Siri would help tvOS too. We can expect a wider use of Siri on Apple TV, and Apple is good at demonstrating it onstage.

iMessage for Android

Recently, Apple Inc has introduced Apple Music to Android and the revenue generated from Google’s platform is attractive. Meanwhile, there is one more product that could be introduced to Android this time – iMessage. Even though it won’t generate any revenue for the company, Apple would use the Instant Messaging Service to help the current iOS users who also have Android devices in their families.

As of now, iPhone users can’t message to other-than-iOS devices through iMessage, and it’s a much awaited change by the users. However, if Apple Inc introduces this feature, then it could also pave a way for iPhone users to leave the platform and jump to Android. The point to be noted.


Even though Apple iMacs have a future PC design at this time, the design itself is a few years old for iMacs. Apple could refresh the design of iMac, if anything related to the desktop computer announced during the WWDC event. Although the company has a better display with 5K screen, we can’t avoid the possibility of further more advanced display technology.


MacBook and MacBook Air has the best laptop design than any other brands, but Apple could launch a newer design change in the latter one, because MacBook Air’s design hasn’t changed a bit in the years. There could be a slightly thinner version of MacBook Pro as well. Rumors also suggest that Apple could replace the function keys on the laptop with a touchscreen on the top row of the keyboard.

You can watch the WWDC 2016 event online on Apple’s official website: Here.

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