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Bollywood: The Best Hindi DJ Remix Song You Should Bounce To

Despite the growing fanbase for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) around the world, even in India, Bollywood is still lagging behind in the category. There are many Bollywood-kind of musicians, DJs and bedroom producers who produce groovy songs, but one of our author found a new bouncy EDM+Bollywood remix song called “Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai YemZii Mix“.

Produced by a new face in the Indian music industry who has also produced some local Rap and Hip Hop songs in various languages, the Choli Ke Peeche Remix could be a game changer in the Indian EDM category.

There are a few DJs in India who loves to make experiments by combining the western trance and electronic music with Bollywood songs, especially the 90’s hit songs. The new face YemZii could be the game changer with his unique styling of build-up and drop in the tune of the original song. Check out his Hindi and Punjabi rap (Hip Hop) songs as well.

best hindi remix song

Overall, the sound quality is nice, except a few unnecessary noises in two-three places. Buildup and vocal chops receive huge applause, the drop could have been better than this. What is your opinion? Could this Music Video (Yes, the video has been borrowed from the original Bollywood song as well as some random Live Concerts) be the best Hindi remix song for you?

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