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Downloading The Walking Dead Season 6 from torrents now? Think again

Despite the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead TV series, the legendary The Walking Dead by AMC has been a massive hit for the producer and became one of the most watched TV show in the history of the United States. The popularity of the TV series has grown so much that even after the end of the season, people are trying to watch it again by downloading the videos from torrent sites. Many people have the ‘bad’ habit of keeping all seasons and all episodes in their PC.the-walking-dead-season-6

The Walking Dead Season 6 had an average of 13.15 million viewers, which is a bit low compared to the Season 5 that had over 14 million viewers. This year, HBO had taken some serious measures to take down torrent pages related to its popular TV shows such as Game Of Thrones Season 6 and Silicon Valley Season 3. Similarly, AMC is also following a strict compliance against the illegal torrent downloads of its most popular The Walking Dead series.

AMC and HBO has set up a team of internet hunters which take care of all piracy activities on the internet related to their shows. Although, both the companies hasn’t revealed the work and money involved in countering these illegal downloads, we could expect a few hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When The Walking Dead Season 6 aired on October 11, people have started to search Google and other torrent sites with keywords like “The Walking Dead S06E01,” “The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1,” etc. When the finale of the season 6 ended on April 3 2016, the keyword searches have extended to “The Walking Dead Season 6,” “The Walking Dead Season 6 Complete,” “The Walking Dead Season 6 torrents“, etc. Ultimately, many people disappointed (a few of them managed to download it by some workarounds) to find almost every torrent was taken down by filing either DMCA take down or directly contacting the torrent sites.

For the research, we have spent 30 minutes today to check whether The Walking Dead Season 6 torrents available or not. We have gone to several torrent sites (most of them blocked by the service provider) and found almost none of the working torrents. This shows the effectiveness of the team hired by AMC.

Even though Kickass shows up a 10GB torrent of all episodes of Season 6 of TWD, it has more than 10 times leechers than seeders. In the last two days, there are 6GB and 4GB version of TWD available on TorrentZ and it has the same problem. Many people threw frustration through the comments that they are not able to download. Even there are some Quora threads have opened up showing the frustration of not able to downloading the TWD videos. Team AMC would also take down these torrent links in the coming days. We guess the team hunts for piracy every week and takes it down.

Some people have tried to download every single episodes from different link providers, which is really a pain in the a** process. It’s been reported that such single episode torrents have also disappeared from the download sites. According to AMC, the real fans of The Walking Dead would not like to watch it by downloading illegally from torrent sites, instead they would watch on TV or official sources such as Amazon, amc.com, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox and Netflix. Well played AMC, well played. After all, you have spent millions to create each episode.


  1. Wll what about the True TWD fans like myself who live in india..did amc think about that.. ?..well it doesnt really matter to me anymore since i'll be moving to the states in about 9-10 months…but what about the people in my country who are true fans as well..we're ready to pay 10 bucks each episode and a 100 bucks for the season pass…atleast i am..but no luck…!

  2. To be crystal clear — these companies pay millions to get their STUPID ADS and product placement into the movies, but we're supposed to believe that downloading and sharing the content is somehow BAD ina country founded on FREEDOM OF PRESS & FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

    Let's try it again — libraries are legal, and they were established BEFORE the internet. If media companies adapted to the digital internet revolution, they would allow all of us to freely download and copy — and save themselves billions in ineffective advertising!!!

    Cable cos and broadcasters need to adapt to a real flexible and open marketplace, not try to limit the marketplace of ideas by moronic BS like "intellectual property" which defies the modern world's capacity for openness and sharing.

  3. Awesome shit does not get made for free. It's really that simple. There must be a very large cash flow into these companies to produce such content. Currently that is ad revenue and cable subscriptions. And yes, stealing other peoples work is not cool.

  4. Jason Bonnette BOOM! nailed it

  5. Jason Bonnette — so do you want to shutdown all libraries? Why are you opposed to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press? Your beliefs are selfish and anti-American (yet very pro-Capitalist and in favor of privatization).

  6. Jason Bonnette If you want keep on paying for this shit then go right ahead but people like me can't afford to pay for this shit because we are poor. So yes I will download for free and why the hell should AMC even care about people downloading their show for free? Being that most people in this world still pay to buy their TV shows seems like AMC is having a little fit because not everyone is paying for their show. Which is being greedy because all of those people get paid millions of dollars it's just that they want more money. Which again is being greedy.

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