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Facebook changed the world, Pokemon Go correcting it

Facebook changed the world? Yes you have read it right. Facebook is just a symbol. Despite their claims of connecting the world, social media has indirectly made people sit somewhere and meet everyone virtually, by keeping them away physically. However, the current sensation Pokemon Go is bringing together strangers and friends together physically.pokemon go

This is a good sign that a digital platform is bringing the people together for one reason – Catch the Pokemon! And, this catching process has made exchange of thousands of real-life friend requests, which were rarely seen since the inception of social media platforms.

Some people may disagree with my point of view, but the ratio of acceptance of my opinion is higher. People who use social media services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., for professional use can disagree with me, because they are the ones who really want to connect with the people physically – like meeting with clients, talking about general issues, exchanging mobile numbers and spending time together in coffee shops etc.

However, the youth was addicted to social media sites and almost forget the childhood games we used to play in our childhood. In searching of virtual friends (strangers) youth has forgot to meet the real friends.

All I can say is, Ingress and Pokemon Go kind of games are just beginning. More GPS and Google Map-based games and applications will be launched soon and people will really get together, at least for this reason. And, I am happy that these games are truly making this world a great place. I am not saying that Social Media is ruining this great place. It has it’s own contribution for making the world a better place.

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