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Quake Turns 20, Developer MachineGames Releases A New Episode

A legacy computer game gets an all-new-episode update to mark its 20th anniversary. The game is nothing but the first-person shooter Quake, and the new episode is developed by Wolfenstein developer MachineGames. 20 years ago, id Software developed Quake series, in which the third franchise (Quake III) was more popular at that time. It was designed by American McGee and John Romero and the game was published by GT Interactive in 1996.quake-dopa-episode

The gameplay was simple yet sophisticated during the 90’s. The player had to save the entire human race from the powerful entity who sends swarms of demonic aliens to wipe out the humanity. The player had to take the role of a protagonist, Ranger, to defend the entire human existence and save the day.

This week, MachineGames has released the new episode for free on Twitter and tagged the original developer id Software as well. If you have the Quake game installed on your system, you just have to download the .rar file from the below tweet and extract it. It will be extracted to the game directory.

Earlier in 90’s the memory and space of the PC was limited and the developers had to create games with good graphics within their limitations, unlike the current generation high-res games. The game was simple, shoot everything that threatens; discover hidden secrets, grab weapons, points and health markers. There was a boss level as well.

PC Gamer has published a very informative article on celebrating the 20th anniversary of the legacy of Quake. The new 5th episode released this week, titled as DOPA, looks like built keeping the same design in mind. A small adjustment to the pace of action has been added to meet today’s standards.

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