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Cell Phone radiation impacts are not as big as we thought

According to a recent study, the radiation emitted by the mobile phones can be a cause of Cancer. The study suggests that the cell phone radiation can be associated with the growth of a non malignant called schwannoma. Along with this there are also possibilities of developing a type of brain cancer called glioma. Although these are to a certain extent normal effects, but some scientists believe that cell phone radiation might just have a severe effect of the human body in the long term that we are yet to discover.

Cell Phone radiation impacts are not as big as we thoughtIn a recent experiment, the scientists subjected a set of rats to the radiation emitted by cell phones. The exposure was kept on for a specific period of time. The impact that the cell phone radiation had on the rats were then tallied to the rats that were kept in controlled environments. There were no major impacts noticed that could bring out the severity of the cell phone radiation.

According to Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, the public wants to know all sorts answers with regards to cancer and how cell phone radiation can cause it or what impact does it have. Considering the fact that we already know, high energy rays like X rays and gamma rays can cause cancer, it is quite possible that the rays on the other side of the spectrum can also have a vast impact on cancer. We just need to find the way it affects.

The study was funded by the government and had a mammoth cost of $25 million. The results have not yielded anything solid and thus questions are being raised on the quality of the experiment. Some individuals are also skeptic of the experiment at the first place, asking that whether investing in such an experiment was a wise choice.

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