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Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 to start from 23rd May at Santa Clara

Cloud Foundry Summit is an international summit for cloud based developers set to take place Santa Clara, California. The dates for the Cloud Foundry Summit are 23rd May to 25th May. The summit will be based on multi cloud environment development. The summit is expected to cater to the needs organization of varied sizes and their requirements based on their multi cloud strategies. Quite a few big names are involved in the Cloud Foundry Summit. Some of the big names include: Cisco, IBM, Dell, HP, and more.

Cloud Foundry Summit 2016The Cloud Foundry Summit is a three day event, where the enrolled individuals will be able to learn about multi cloud environments, work on them from development to production. The summit will allow the individuals to be a part multi cloud community. There is no doubt of the fact that multi cloud environment is growing fast and a lot of enterprises are looking forward with it. The experts believe that Could Foundry Summit will see a lot of interested developers and operators will be a part of it.

The conference of the Cloud Foundry Summit will start at afternoon on 23rd May and the summit will close at 6 PM on 25th May, Wednesday. Everything about the food of the participants will be taken care of by the organisers. In order to be a part of the summit, the interested candidates will have to enrol on site. The participation cost will be $795 for the entrants on the day. You can also be a part of the Cloud Foundry Summit, if you have a valid Student Visa at a much discounted price of $149.

Cloud Foundry Summit will again taken place this year itself in Europe. For those who will miss out this time can be a part of the summit then.


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