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Dark Souls 3 to get its first downloadable content this fall

Dark Souls 3 was released this week and already we have the questions coming up about what is next? While some of the individuals are still working their way through, some people are asking when will be the next downloadable set coming up.

First DLC for Dark Souls 3 set to arrive this autumnAccording to the reports in hand, the next downloadable content for Dark Souls 3 will be available for download this autumn. To be true, this is quite quick for any developer to release the first DLC for any of their games.

The reports suggest that Bandai Namco has confirmed the release of the first DLC for Dark Souls 3 will be released this fall. The next versions will be in line to be released sometime in the later parts of the year. But what has not pleased the gamers is the fact that Bandai Namco refraining from revealing anything about the upcoming downloadable contents including the enemies, weapons, etc. But what is for sure that the DLC’s for dark souls 3 will include a passes. The pricing of the DLCs is yet to be confirmed by the makers.

The rumors have it that the first downloadable content will be priced at approximately $25 after a wait of approximately 5 months. The first DLC is expected to contain new bosses including new weapons, new amours etc. In addition, the gamers will also expect an upgrade to the quality of the experience as dark souls 3 has also received quite a lot of acclamation. Dark Souls 3 is currently available for the computers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In the past, Bandai Namco had officially asked the users to wait for downloadable contents for the international version of the game. Bandai Namco believes that the visual effects that they have put in for the game will make allow the user to have the best gaming experience. Well, lets us just wait till the fall.

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