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E3 2016: Rumors on Microsoft’s gifts

The E3 2016 is just round the corner and it seems that new rumors about the event are rolling out every day. The E3 2016 is set to take place this June and the intensity about the event is really on a high. As the E3 2016 date is coming close, we are witnessing new reports, while a few others are being washed off. While people continue contemplating on what they will be able to witness at the E3 2016, we take a look at the solid rumors that point to Microsoft and its products.

Microsoft-E3-2016-press-conference-Xbox-620x349According to some rumors, we might see a new Xbox. The much talked about Xbox One Slim or as people are calling it Xbox One Mini. This talked about gaming console from Microsoft will take approximately up to 60% of the size of the current Xbox One. The rumors suggest that we might get a look at the Xbox One Mini or Xbox One Slim during E3 2016.

While the gaming console is on the top list for people waiting for the E3 2016 date, some individual are also hoping for better a better PC support for the games that have been released on PC.

In other reports, Microsoft is also pushing through a set top box and streaming stick in this year’s E3. The rumors suggest that the set top box and the streaming stick are to counter the other devices like Chromecast and Apple TV. The streaming stick is expected to cost somewhere around $99 and the set top box will cost somewhere around $150.

Reports also have it that Age of Empires might just make a return during E3 2016. The interest that Microsoft has been showing in RTS genre games might just be a good sign for the fans. We might also see a few online zombie based games from Microsoft this year at E3.

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