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Google Inc. not to build smartphones any time soon

Google Inc. is possibly in no mood to manufacture its own smartphone anytime soon. The search engine giant will on the other hand continue its work with the other original equipment manufacturers for the next Nexus smartphones. Working with the original equipment manufacturers will possibly mean that Google Inc. will have more time to take a peek into how things should be for the Nexus devices from the user experience standpoint.

Google Inc. not to build smartphones any time soonAccording to a statement made by Sundar Pichai in a Code Conference in California, “Our plan is still to work with hardware partners. Nexus, we are investing more effort into them. You’ll see us put more thought into Nexus devices, there are categories beyond phones, and we’ll be opinionated where we need to be to push the category forward.”

Sundar Pichai also commented on the fact that Android is an open and clear ecosystem and as a result there might well multiple players who will take the game to the next level. A Google Inc. executive also stated that, “You have great examples of regional players in places like India and China which serve the needs of those markets very well.”

Google Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai also added, “Globally it’s a very competitive marketplace. The smartphone industry, the hardware industry, it’s a very efficient industry. Even Amazon, they base it on Android too. I look at it and say Android is a large scale, open platform.”

When asked about the modern day assistants that have come up with Apple Inc.’s SIRI and Microsoft’s Cortana, Pichai confirmed that Google Assistant will be the one on Android’s front to carry out all your daily tasks, which includes keeping a track of your schedule, booking movie tickets for you, etc. Google Assistant will possibly take the act of digital assistants to the next level with the two way conversation between the device and the user to carry out tasks more effectively.

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