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Google IO Annual Developers Conference 2016

Google IO is set to start in some hours from now and already a lot of hype has been built around what to expect. Google CEO Sundar Pichai is expected to start off with the key note as the search engine giant is also expected to shed light on quite of few products this year. Off all the prime focus will be expected to be around the next version of Android and in turn get the developers excited to develop more applications for the same.

Google IO Annual Developers Conference 2016Google IO keynote will be starting today at 10 AM, San Francisco time. The individuals who wish to view Google IO can access it on Google’s website for Google IO. You can also follow the blog for all the latest updates and comments coming straight from the Google’s Annual Developers Conference in San Francisco. You will also be able to find quite a few things about this year’s Google IO on twitter with the #GoogleIO.

Things to watch out for in Google IO 2016

Android N

Although, this year Google IO is not expected to have a lot of information with regard to Android N, but some experts believe that the focus will be on pushing the OS slightly into the market. Since, Google has already made Android N available for the developers, this might just be the event where in the announcements are taken deep. Android N is expected to bring in split screen multitasking, improved settings, possibly a new 3D touch feature. More importantly, we might just come to know what ‘N’ stands for.

Chrome OS

Considering the fact that Google Chrome is practically the child of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, we should be expecting something for Chrome OS. Many reports suggest that Chrome OS and Android will be merged at app levels, allowing Chrome OS to have millions of Android Apps on Chrome OS. There is no doubt of the fact that Google CEO will once again make an effort in pulling through Chrome OS, considering the fall in mobile ad revenues.

Android Virtual Reality

With Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift very much in the scene, the expectations are that Google will unveil its Virtual Reality gear. Google had recently listed Android VR before pulling it down. Google also has cardboard headsets, which can be used as VR gears on connecting to suitable smartphone. Some reports also suggest that Google IO could also see the launch of an Android wear.

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