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Hair tourniquet literally led to a lost toe for a baby

The photograph of a Hair tourniquet took the internet by storm, when the toddler’s father posted the image on the internet. Scott Walker, the father, uploaded the picture of his daughter, just to create an awareness regarding hair tourniquet and how dangerous it can get. In this case, the hair was strapped around the baby’s toe in such a way that the blood circulation literally came to a standstill and the baby was on way to lose her toe. Scott Walker uploaded to images to draw more attention to hair tourniquet than what it gets considering the severity of it.

Hair tourniquet literally led to a lost toe for a baby

Most of us would never actually think about the harm that a flock of hair can do to our baby. Well that is what Scott Walker wanted to make us aware of when he uploaded the image. In most of the cases, there is not at all an issue. But there can be times, when the hair can pierce through the baby’s skin and result in cuts, rupture of veins, etc. It can even prevent blood circulation of the area.

In Scott’s Case, the hair was tied to his daughter Molly’s toes. The 32 years old father claimed that he heard his daughter crying out loudly. Both his wife and he himself, tried to console the daughter but in vain. Later, on a closer inspection, they found out that a hair was tied to Molly’s toe.

Jessica, Scott’s Wife, who also happens to be a nurse, used her medical training and to remove the hair from the baby’s toe using a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. Doctor Lolita McDavid, who later took a look at Molly’s condition, claimed that her situation could have been much worse, if the hair would not have been removed in time. The baby could have even lost her toe.

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  1. Hi Tampa Bay Review! Please send my best regards to Joseph Cortez for writing this story. Until now, I had no idea that my daughter "literally" lost a toe! Can you tell me more about what happened so I can be sure to change the story I've been telling everyone? I wouldn't want people to discover that I lied about the facts of the story, as if I were trying to earn undue attention or misleading them with a story I actually know nothing about. I value my integrity more than that. It's obvious Mr. Cortez "focuses on researching and perfecting his work" as his bio claims.

    Also, who is Dr. Lolita McDavid? And whose foot is pictured?

    Molly's Dad

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