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Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh Saga Review

The Hitman Episode 3 is out and it brings yet another mysterious map with an even more serious mission. This time in Hitman Episode 3, Mr. 47 is on a tour of Marrakesh, an imperial city of western Morocco. With Hitman, the story is building up with every episode and it seems to be working quite well for the makers. Firstly, there have been very less complains of anything going of the course along with the innumerable extras that they have been providing. Nonetheless, let us come back to the most recent episode of Hitman, Hitman Episode 3 Marrakesh.

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh Saga ReviewThe initial reports suggest that Hitman Episode 3 is slightly less than what the second episode had in store for us. The graphics is quite good as you can easily feel the bright sunshine and the hot climate piercing through your screen.

You can even feel the people on the streets moving around, breating, sweating , chattering selling goods as if they were living. But the sound is not as lively as the graphics, as Hitman Episode 3 misses to touch the Moroccan accent. Everyone seems to be speaking in a British American accent, which is slightly disturbing as well considering a local accent would have done good.

The mission of Hitman Episode 3 is to assassinate a Swedish banker who has an embezzlement of $7 billion to his name and is currently hiding in the consulate. The atmosphere has a sense of revolution in it which makes things slightly serious and a little bit more fun. The toughest part is to get the general meet up with the banker. This makes Hitman Episode 3 certainly the toughest episode till now. One small wrong step can set forth the revolution and all will be gone. You will have to trigger events that will in turn set forth the meeting. This altogether makes the game all the more interesting.

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