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Katherine on way to coastal Florida; possibly she is pregnant

Katherine the great white shark is possibly making its way back to the coastal regions of Florida. According to the reports, the Great White shark is probably on its way to the east coast of Florida. The satellite transmitter that was attached to Katherine pinged near the Florida Georgia border last weekend. The next time the satellite pinged, it was near the Dayton beach and this happened on Wednesday.

Katherine on way to coastal Florida; possibly she is pregnantAccording to the statement of Chris Fischer, the founder of the shark tracking group OCEARCH, Katherine has evolved over the past two years from being an immature shark to a mature one. All of this can be judged from the movements of the Great White Shark as tracked. They also have an idea that states Katherine might just be pregnant. Nothing about this can be said for sure in this regard.

It was in August 2013, when the OCEARCH group help Katherine in captive. During this time, a transmitter was attached to the dorsal fin of the great white shark before being released into the ocean again. The Great White Shark, Katherine is 14 feet and 2 inches in length and weighs more than 2300 pounds. Katherine became the first Atlantic great white shark to migrate all across through Florida to the Gulf of Mexico. After that the majority of her time in 2014 was spent around the Gulf near Sarasota, Tampa Bay and in the lower regions of the Panama City.

Later in 2015, Katherine was somewhere around St. Augustine and then moved to North Carolina. She spent the remaining part of the winter along the coast of Nova Scotia. The great white shark tracker pinged off again sometime in March 2016, while Katherine was making her way to the open seas again. The shark tracker shows that since being tagged Katherine has travelled more than 29000 miles.

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