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NCIS Season 13 Finale to be the last one for Michael Weatherly

Although there is no end in sight for NCIS TV Show, but Michael Weatherly has decided to call it a day for him. After 13 seasons of outright hit amidst the fans and the NCIS Season 13 Finale in line, Weatherly has decided that quit the hall of famed TV drama series. Although, the contract for NCIS has been renewed till 2016 but the viewers who watch NCIS online will not be able to see their favourite Weatherly on the screen. He just has two more NCIS episodes left for him.

NCIS Season 13 Finale to be the last one for Michael WeatherlyIn a statement, Michael Weatherly stated that the thing that he will miss the most is the NCIS cast and crew. This is something that was bound to happen for someone who has seen NCIS grow amidst the fans. Weatherly added, “One of the special alchemical aspects of the show is that chemistry that we all have. You never quite know when you put a cast together how it’s going to work, if that soufflé will rise. And we did. My mom calls me Tony now”

CBS NCIS has been amidst the top rated TV shows for more than a decade now. Their popularity has been on the rise every year. NCIS season 13 has already seen a rise of 9% in the number of viewers which roughly amounts up to 20 million.

With the NCIS Season 13 finale coming up on 10th May, people are already getting ready to witness history in making again. Well, there is no doubt that people all over the world would not miss out on the last NCIS Episode Finale of Michael Weatherly. Various torrent sites are already getting requests for NCIS Season 13 torrent download. While NCIS Season 13 approaches the end on 10th May, people will certainly look to watch NCIS online. You can also watch NCIS on CBS when it airs on 10th May, because this might just be the last time you watch an NCIS episode with Michael Weatherly in it.

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