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NHTSA gives deadline for Ford F-150 Pickups; Documents to be submitted by April 20

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has locked in on the customer complaints regarding issues with brakes on Ford F-150 pickup vehicles. According to the reports, near about 420,000 Ford F-150 pickup vehicles manufactured between the period of 2013 and 2014 can have severe issues with their brakes. Till date, the NHTSA has received approximately 30+ complaints, which has forced them to look into the matter. The complaints involve complete failure of the brakes and some of them even report crashes.

Ford F-150 Brake FailureAccording to the NHTSA, the complaints vary in nature where in some drivers claim that the brake cannot be applied properly, while some state that the braking lights light up when they should not light up. Some of the complaints also involve leakage of fluid in the master cylinder and then seeping up to the brakes resulting in faulty performance of the brakes.

The NHTSA has stated that although the number of complains is just 30+, but as it seems there will be a rise in the number of complaints. This is the primary reason why NHTSA have decided to pick up the issue. NHTSA has already asked Ford to take a look into the matter and submit the documents with regard to the brake issues in Ford F-150 by April 20. If Ford fails to do so, they might just end up with a huge fine of several million dollars.

Ford has been on wrong side with NHTSA a few times in the past, which resulted in one of the largest recalls of the recent past. Just like Ford, many other car makers have had to take care of their faulty vehicles, which were made to be recalled by the NHTSA. Last year, the United States saw a few accidents that lead to deaths on various faulty car parts accounts.

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