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Nintendo Vans: A shoe game that no one expected

Van has had a history of working on various iconic themes and Nintendo Vans is  classic example of how good thing can get. Vans has already worked on shoe and apparel collections based on Star Wars, the Beatles and many more. The most recent one amidst vans innumerable works is the collection that was inspired by Disney.

Nintendo Vans Shoes and accessoriesAccording to the reports, Vans has been working with Nintendo for quite some time now. The rumors have it that Vans Nintendo, an upcoming collection of shoes and accessories for men, women and kids are inspired by the retro gaming culture that exists. There are expectedly 13 different styles of shoes that are in turn inspired by Nintendo’s first classic gaming console, 8 bit graphics, NES and various characters from the Super Mario Bros. line.

The shoes are set to be unveiled on June 3rd this year and Nintendo Vans shoes certainly look pretty comfortable on the feet. According to a press release statement by Vans, “To present a throwback-styled, head-to-toe look, the Vans x Nintendo collaboration extends into apparel and accessory items for men and women, Co-branded tees, backpacks, bags, socks, and hats are offered in prints that tie back to the classic footwear.”

The Nintendo Vans tie up will certainly get the heartbeats of the Nintendo fans racing. This looks to be quite a diversified step. In the past with the aim of bringing in more user base and money, Nintendo also ventured into mobile gaming in collaboration with DeNA. The Nintendo news of the making a deal with Universal studios allowing various Nintendo characters to be placed in theme parks also game the Nintendo fans a lot of joy.

Well, it certainly seems that the Nintendo Vans tie up will stir up the minds of fans who were busy contemplating what the next console would be. Many rumors suggest that the Nintendo is working on a mysterious gaming console, the NX. We will have to wait it out till we get more details on NX, but till then you can certainly buy yourself a Vans Nintendo Shoe or an accessory.

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