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Pluto, the dwarf planet has a liquid ocean and it is big

Pluto, the dwarf planet has been in the news since the time it was expelled from the solar system. In fact, the dwarf planet has pulled of more shocking revelations about itself that what it had when it was a part of the solar system. The new reports come in from the New Horizons. The recent reports have given us a lot of details about the unique topography that Pluto has. The atmosphere of Pluto is cloudy and it might just have a liquid ocean as well.

Pluto, the dwarf planet has a vast liquid ocean and it is bigAccording to a new analysis, the Pluto might just have a liquid ocean on it, which is also considered the reason for a few geological anomalies on the planet. The recent report about the possibility of a liquid ocean on Pluto has been put through Noah Hammond and Marc Parmentier of Brown University and Amy Barr of the Planetary Science Institute.

In the past, the New Horizons had sent images that gave us a new perspective to the topography of the dwarf planet. The last report showed long and deep fault running for hundreds of miles. The canyons which also exist along with the faults were explained by constant freezing and melting of subsurface ocean.

The question was raised when the density and the size of dwarf planet were studied. A different type of ice is formed when pressure is coupled with freezing temperatures. Ice II as it is commonly referred to have not yet formed on Pluto. The ice found there is a normal variant that we get in our freezers. Ice II would have forced the planet to shrink, which does not explain the size and density of Pluto.

This brings the conclusion that if Ice II has not formed, then there is a high possibility that all of Pluto’s oceans have not frozen. On the other hand, the outer layer of Pluto is 190 miles thick. The pressure exerted is thus good enough to form Ice II. The explanation available for is slightly more sensible. Experts believe that inner Pluto is warmer that what we expect it to be. There could be two possible reasons: tidal stress and radioactive decay. If this turns out to be true, the scientists might just want to explore the bodies in that region. Liquid Ocean might answer a few unanswered questions for us.

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